Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Price

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Price

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Price It also offers a new 2500 hybrid unrivaled fishing platform at home, on the shore or in the open sea, and is the first fully vacuum-sprinkled Pathfinder. Combining a dual-shoulder body and a built-in rear seat, 2500 combines top performance and comfort in both worlds. A gigantic pre-cast bridge allows some fishermen to catch fish easily when the engine is in a difficult position, and the cockpit in the rear makes fishing safe and fun even in large water conditions. In addition, you have a perfect crossover boat with a large fishing box and storage space for offshore equipment and fly rods.

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Pathfinder has labeled its new 25-footer as the 2500 hybrid, with “hybrid ” meaning that this fabulous new boat is also home if you are hunting redfish or trout in the bay, Stripers or tarpon in the collar, or false albacore or Cobia in offshore coastal waters. And as a well designed, rugged crossover fishing rig, it does all these fishing tasks well. What did our test reveal?

It is the first Pathfinder boat with a resin-infused hull and apron, making it rigid and solid and in possession of the ideal resin-glass ratio. The 2500 Hybrid has a double-shouldered shell that allows it to deliver a heartbeat speed of almost 60 mph. However, unlike many tiered shells, this one showed no manipulation weaknesses.

More than one fisherman can use the casting platform before at once, while you are at the helm, positioning the boat next to the weed line, RIP or Drop-off. This front area has three large lockers, equipped with a gasket to keep the water from washing and spraying, as well as the anchorage lashing. The trailing motor wiring is standard, as is the 6-inch rear Atlas Jack, between the Yamaha F300XCA outboard and the transom. A full-width step allows easy access to the casting platform while hiding a 47-gallon fish box large enough for trophy catches.

The console is built to leave the place behind the bar for offshore fishermen to fish safely, but the important stern casting platform remains. Folding seats add comfort to families while concealing a large enough stowage for five-gallon buckets. You can wear a complete quiver of more than 20 rods in racks and lockable sub-deck compartments. With the Yamaha F300, this Pathfinder has square performance: 3 000 rpm gets you 30 mph, 4 000 gets you 40 mph-ish, 5 000 is about 50 mph, and you’re straight to 5 800:58 mph.

Everything is beautifully detailed, wiring carefully pops up and labeled in the console to the Lucite battery cover to the lights in each compartment for night fishing. If you are considering a sport-Ute fishing machine that can handle everything from shallow bays to work wrecks outside the entrance, plan a sea trial aboard a hybrid Pathfinder 2500.

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Price

  • Beam: 8 ft 06 in
  • Deadrise: 16 deg
  • Draft*: 13 in
  • Fuel capacity: 67 gal
  • LOA: 24 ft 09 in
  • Maximum HP: 350 hp
  • Weight (approx. w/ engine): 3,500 lbs (w/ F300)
  • Price: $82,576