Ranger 1880 MS Top Speed

Ranger 1880 MS Top Speed

Ranger 1880 MS Top Speed 2019 Boat Show Shopping now start M-W marinade. Come to our home to see us on December 1, 2019 product preview to show 09:00 up to 21:00. Come, Ranger boats see 2019 products featuring Lund Boats and Lund pontoons. All Mercury is powered by four stroke outboards. Buy early and choose your home discounts special save and spring pick dates. See all the new designs, models and electronics. The M-W Marine will also store the new buy up free spring.

Fishermen’s anglers are varied as their color preferences for boats such as expectations. When we saw our Ranger 1880 MS test boat paired with an Evinrude G2, both styles and fishability hit a home run. In terms of style, the Ranger’s jelcoats and metal-Flake colors are flexible and shiny-and, thanks to G2 ‘s interchangeable panels, there are dozens of color combinations that are now excellent emphasis on them.

In terms of fishing capacity, the solid body provides a stable gear in difficult conditions. Its depth in the cabin and the full glass also protect the wind and dew. And REST, Ranger-Track Keel’s special Ranger design keeps the effect of low wind while maintaining the launch position after launch. The 1880 is also easier to fish thanks to its factory-installed drag motor and its large carpet casting platform. The storage is packed with special rod belts. The large-scale livewell allows circulation and ventilation to look fresh and vibrant, either to the shovel or to the cleaning table. The combats are full of storage, including a floor cabinet that may contain bars or skis. The spring and a lot of dry storage keeps the entire deck open and organized in a refrigerator.

The Ranger has decades of experience logging fishing boats, so it is not surprising to look under the covers of the back cover and see the battery key, the batteries and the appropriate access to the cargo system on board. The power of G2, the oil tank is not the engine, saves the space wise because it is bilge.

We also like the 1880 for family design. Parents can rest to know how to keep high tides in teenagers. Spoon rails can easily be reached along the boat. Four bucket seats and two folding seats, six crew members. There are areas specially designed for umbrellas, mobile phones and more. The famous fisherman Ranger’s 1880 MS is an attractive investment in the pleasure of the boat combined with family entertainment.

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Ranger 1880 MS Top Speed

  • LOA: 18 ‘ 10 “| Beam: 8 ‘ 3.5 “| Dry weight: 1,960 lb. (without motor) | Living/Weight Capacity: 1,700 lb. | Fuel capacity: 34 Gal.
  • Engine: Evinrude 150 G2
  • Prop: Rebel 19 “3-Blade stainless steel
  • Gear ratio: 10:1
  • Fuel load: 30 Gal.
  • Crew weight: 400 lb.
  • Price $42,995 (with Evinrude 150 G2)
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