Ranger 198p Specs

Ranger 198p Specs

Ranger 198p Specs You choose an aluminum bassboot if you want the most robust hull construction and the lightest weight. This uses the horsepower for the extra power, it also saves gas and minimises the maintenance of the car when it is towed behind the family vehicle.

That’s exactly what Ranger had in mind when it presented the 198p. But Ranger took his game a notch over the competition by having a pad (that’s the “P ” in 198p) on the keel near the Transom to make this aluminum boat work like a fiberglass bassboot. And it also worked as our tests revealed. We pushed the accelerator to the firewall, then started trimming to let the speed climb. When we reached a wide open accelerator at 5,500 rpm, we clocked it at 56.5 mph. One would expect a boat to be skittisch at this speed, but we have not yet found a ranger who could not handle the accelerator, whether chop or alternating.

When we were finished with the performance runs, we stepped onto the bow platform and fell into the trollmotor. Its control pedal is in the deck, eases control, anglers balance and fights fatigue for all-day fishing. This is a trick Ranger pulled in from his tournament boats. The same is true for the consoles, which are set off by the gunwales. This leaves a channel between the console and the cannon that is positioned exactly right to move rod tips after the pistons with retractable rod straps are placed downward on the deck. A three-seat bench is standard, but an optional console system (in the picture) is available.

Even more tournament-ready features were introduced into these aluminium fishermen, such as the Livewell with refills and circulating systems. Also noteworthy is the fiberglass liner of the storage space in front of the console — which with its insulation is ideal for use as a cooler.

And if you think you’ve found everything on board, lift the rear hatch to see a convenient access to pumps, batteries, battery switch and charging system.

Ranger 198p Specs

You could call the 198p the 198pt, for tournament ready. Highlights

  • This is the only aluminum bassboot with pad hull performance that we have tested.
  • 198p has the same foam-filled hull construction as Ranger’s glass fibre boats.
  • Gießdeck on the 198p has an intake trolling motor foot pedal for easy operation.
  • Engine: Mercury Optimax 150
  • Drive/prop: Tempest 23 “3-blade stainless Steel
  • Transmission ratio: 1.75:1
  • Fuel load: 25 gal.
  • Mann Weight: 240 lb.


  • $28,795 (with Mercury 150 Pro xs)
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