Ranger 198p Speed

Ranger 198p Speed

Ranger 198p Speed If you want the most robust housing and the lightest weight, you choose an aluminum bassboot. This uses horsepower for extra power, it also saves gas and minimizes vehicle maintenance when towed to the rear of the vehicle.

That’s exactly what you had in mind when Ranger presented the 198P. However, the Ranger received a notch in the competition with a pad (“P” in 198P) in the spine near the Transom to allow this aluminum boat to function like a fiberglass bassboot. Our tests have also appeared.

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We pushed the accelerator to the firewall, and then we started to fix it to allow the speed to climb. When we reached a wide open accelerator at 5,500 rpm, we reached a clock speed of 56.5 mph. We’d expect a boat to be skittisch at that speed, but we couldn’t find a guard who couldn’t handle his accelerator or chopper yet.

When we finished our performance work, we hit the spring platform and fell on the troll-engine. The control pedal is deck, simplifies control, balances anglers and fights with fatigue for all-day fishing. This is the number one Ranger gets from tournament boats.

The same applies to the consoles determined by the weapons. This leaves a channel between the cantilevered cantilever and ball to move the rod ends after the pistons with retractable rod straps are placed down on the deck. A three-seat seat is standard, but an optional console system (pictured) is available.

More tournament-ready features were introduced to these aluminum fishermen like Livewell, the filling and circulatory systems. Also of note is the fiberglass liner of the storage area in front of the console – ideal for use as a refrigerant with insulation thereof.

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If you feel that you have found everything on board, lift the back cover to allow easy access to pumps, batteries, battery switch and charging system.

Ranger 198p Speed

You can call 198P to get ready for the tournament.

  • This is the only aluminum bassboard with the pad body performance we tested.
  • 198P has the same foam filled body structure as the glass fiber boats of Ranger.
  • 198P Gießdeck has an entry trolling motor foot pedal for easy operation.

How did we test it?

  • Engine: Mercury OptiMax 150
  • Drive / propeller: Storm 23 “stainless steel with 3 blades
  • Transmission rate: 1.75: 1
  • Fuel load: 25 gal.
  • Mann Weight: 240 lb.


  • $ 28,795 (with Mercury 150 Pro xs)