Regulator 28 Review

Regulator 28 Review

Regulator 28 Review¬†After gunned the boat down to more than 60 mph, Brent Rodgers tempered from the gas, calmed the ride so he could explain his power-assisted steering. The wheel rotates easily with one hand, even just a few fingers. And that’s when maneuvering a pair of 300 hp Yamaha outboard engines. “You’re turning two very heavy motors,” said Rodgers, cutting through slightly choppy seas at Charleston Harbor earlier this week.

Rodgers made the point to illustrate the intricate design of the 2015 regulator 28 FS, a center console fishing boat with T-top cover. Palmetto Boat Sale handles the Charleston boat area market, which runs as far north as Wilmington, NC, and south to Savannah. “It’s a great boat; A perfect blend of fish ability and family comfort “said Rodgers, sales associate for the Savannah Highway Boat dealership.

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Regulator, from Edenton, NC, is an exclusive builder who designs and delivers no more than 200 boats per year. Palmetto Boat Sale sold 15 regulators last year and has eight models in stock for 2015. The 28 FS, introduced four years ago, is proving to be the Palmetto Boat sale “Top-selling regulator. The price including trailers and engines is about $224,000.

“It’s a very expensive boat,” said Shane Logsdon, also associate at the West Ashley dealership. “The quality is unreal ” He said, citing his exact attention to detail. As a deep-sea fishing craft, the regulator combines perfect speed to a goal in a reasonable hour with all the equipment and convenience for anglers such as multiple rod holders, layers of tackle storage and To reach low temperature coolers.

There are tons of seating space, with padded seats doubling as storage bins. A toilet, sink and mirrors are downstairs a series of stairs under the console. The boat glides at 30-35 mph. “You can have a cup of coffee as you go,” said Rodgers. “It’s a smooth riding boat. ” The employee hit a top speed of 64 mph: that’s fast for fishing boats. It’s also a bonus considering the range of Charleston harbor spots for ground feeders like grouper and snapper is 30 miles and in places with fish that feed closer to the surface, such as Wahoo, marlin and mackerel (gold mackerel) is 60-80 miles, he said.

In addition, the regulator 28 FS has an ample 220 gallon tank, “That’s more than enough to get you back with a half tank of gas. ” The craft is most frugal on the go 35 mph at 3,500 rpm. That works on 2.1 mpg, “That’s very thrifty for a boat,” said Rodgers. “You don’t have to spend $160,000-plus (for the boat alone) to get a nice 28-foot fishing boat; There’s plenty around for tens of thousands less. On the other hand, you don’t have to buy a $100,000 European car, either, if a family sedan will get you there just as well “remarked the guide. “But if you have the money, why not? It is the difference between something adequate and something really beautiful to have. “

At the same time, the regulator 28 FS offers more boat than most power, said the Palmetto Boat Sales Rep. Unlike many manufacturers, regulators counts the 28 fs length from the nose to the mirror and not the engines that would make the total distance closer to 32 feet. Under the control of a beginner from the battery to cut Wappoo, the fishing boat still held a fine line and turned smoothly. The wheel, which grab a knob to facilitate turning, handles well, but can be sensitive to control for a beginner. The throttle flap is also easy to operate. Piloting the boat has somehow resembled running a major sports car, especially when accelerating to 55 mph.

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Regulator 28 Review

Meanwhile, the fishing boat seemed to offer everything an avid fisherman would require, including a dozen rod holders and a rear seat multiple pipe-like “rocket launcher. ” There are also slide out drawers from tackle bowls and a “Rod locker ” to Still More fishing sticks to store.

If there was anything missing, it would be decks for lounging or rungs on board climbing-but the regulator 28 FS is a fishing boat, not a boat to putt around Brooks in. The model of Palmetto Boat sale included a T-top with windshield on the center console, but did not have certain electrical devices such as an electronics display board or screens. That is on purpose, but: the trader allows the buyer to make decisions, whatever they want, electronically spoken.

“What we like to do is leave it (untouched) ” said Rodgers. “I told someone once, here’s your blank canvas; You’re the artist. ” The regulator 28 FS has a three-year warranty; Five years if you buy before the end of March at Palmetto Boat Sale.

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