Scout 215 XSF Price

Scout 215 XSF Price

Scout 215 XSF Price It’s always a tough decision for a naval to suspend a popular model. But when the replacement comes with a dry hull, sailor, a lot of fishing needs, and the level of comfort desired by today’s demanding buyer, that leap of faith does not seem so intimidating. Such is the case of Scout’s new 215 xsf, a sports utility ship that is sure to win its own fan base in short order.

Replacement of the venerable 210 central Scout console, the 215 xsf comes standard with a choice of a Yamaha or Mercury 150 HP engine. The maximum score is 250 ponies. Our test boat came with the 150, for a maximum speed of 45 mph with a light load, and the scanner says the 200 offers an optimum balance of energy and weight. Adding the larger outboard engine must make this a 50-Plus mph package. The sweet spot for the optimal cruise is 22.2 mph at 3,500 rpm. At that rate, the boat uses only 5.5 gallons of gallons while extending the range to 4.04 MPG. With the standard 82 gallon tank, it’s a lot of fishing and cruising among the fillings.

Management and performance are equally impressive. The boat remained dry regardless of the game, with an entrance as soft as microfiber. There were no surprises, even in hard turns. The boat was equally stable at rest in a cutting-beam. The 150 in the back provided a satisfactory hole shot, but the zip monsters will probably want the biggest engine. The hydraulic management of the Bay star comes standard with the 150; Buyers must upgrade to the ASTAR steering system by ordering the boat with a 200 or larger engine.

This 21-footer feels much bigger than its actual size. There is plenty of room to move around the cabin or arch. There is a box of coffins extra large and deep in front of the console that drains overboard. Three storage compartments, including 36-Quart double-insulated fish boxes, are located under the caster cover. A cabinet in the bow includes a dedicated rack for the anchor and more than enough storage for the ground rigs.

Our test boat came equipped with the optional Elite tilt post with 65-Quart Yeti Cooler, plus the four built-in style bar holders, three cup holders, a folding booster seat and a back-up. The leaning regular aluminum pole comes with a 72-Quart igloo cooler. There is ample space for additional combos in the twin horizontal frames and more Rod holders on the gunwale. An airy 21-gallon Baitwell, equipped with a high-speed pickup truck, is located on the port corner of the crossbar.

The size of the console in the 215 xsf is just as well. The stainless steel steering wheel with control knob sits on the port, with the system switch panel on the centerline. A flush-mounted panel accepts a 10-inch screen, and a Bluetooth-fusion stereo with four speakers and LED lighting also comes standard. On the dashboard, there is a 12 volt power for three USB outputs and a 12 volt plug. The port console door leads to a main compartment with convenient access to the rudder wiring and battery switch. An optional Porta Potti can be added, along with a 10 gallon freshwater flushing system.

Available Sport package includes an aluminum T-top with aft spreader lights (and scanner signature D-pipeline design), rocket-launcher Rod holders, front backs of cutout tabs, one loader of battery, LED dual underwater lights and a crude-water bucket can be added as well. The combination of the starboard stern gate and the double-swim platforms allows for easy entry into the pier or on the beach.

Scout 215 XSF Price

  • Specs: Length: 21’6″
  • Beam: 8’6″
  • Draft: 15″
  • Fuel: 82 gal.
  • Water: 10 gal.
  • Deadrise: 20 degrees
  • Weight: 2,776 lb.
  • Max HP: 250
  • Price: $46,495
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