Scout 355 LXF Price

Scout 355 LXF Price

Scout 355 LXF Price Our 355 LXF exhibits incomparable performance with our dual-stepped scanner helmet technology, and the utilization of epoxy-infusion for unmatched strength and stability. But the high performance is just an attribute of this amazing model. The housing is designed to accommodate the 3DC Seakeeper gyro stabilizer just below the aft-benching seats, as well as for protection from elements, only hook optional electric fiber cockpit sun shade glass.

The second most significant innovation in this model of the independent air-conditioned seats standard, how and to the front dual salon consoles for the sun deck, STANDARD WITH THE EYES OF THE above fish (applications by) that will let us to see what is happening in front of you through the touchscreen display of the rudder and solar panels to provide drip AT THE AGM batteries when the 3Seakeeper DC is set for a long battery life. And that’s right above the deck. Just wait until you get down to the cabin and find all the quotes of luxury, space and attention to detail of this beauty provides.

The Explorer brass redesigned the 350 LXF of the stringers to accommodate the much-demanded Seakeeper Gyrostabilizer. The new stringer, grille transom and internal liner are with the redesigned console and slanted post. In the parliamentary elections and fuel batteries held balance. The result is assured comfort in the rough water.

Fishermen and divers will love the sturdy port boarding door with built-in staircase. Aft, the three outboards are equipped with the precision and detail of the Scouts (translation: Nothing loose anywhere, and clean rigging means easy access and service). Updated scanner electrical systems; Our tester ran the whole day at 12 Volt DC power thanks to the triple aggregate AGM batteries. Built-in solar panels in T-Top support Keep the system purring even when the amperage draw is high. With all the accessories going on, it’s great to know that you won’t run out of juice before you go back to earth energy.

The widest console accommodates three at the helm. Downstairs, there is space and amenities for a couple to spend the night-and remember, it’s a central console, not an express cruise. In particular, with everything working, it is super silent; Well designed door and hatch seals ensure that. Aft, there’s plenty of room for everyone to fight the fish without stepping on each other. The bow section accommodates those looking for the sun with a deckchair and a cocktail area with a retractable table.

The triple outboards powered the 355 to nearly 70 mph at the port chopped-up and Wind-driven of Charleston, without breathing hard. The double-stepped 22-degree Deadrise V-Hull never gave the pause or a hard hit, despite the jerk-size jerks that wake them that we crossed at the speed. Hard-over turns produced a satisfactory size without surprises. The trim and finish of the empty-infused hull and deck were also not surprising, a quality level that is standard rate with Scout. Potential homeowners know what they want, given that many of the possessed ships – and usually several scouts – before the use of ships as well as 355. Having this in mind, that is good to hope that the surprises are pleasant and come in the form of new innovation and benefits.

Scout 355 LXF Price

Scout boats are available with a power selection. Our test of the ship is the trio components 350 Verad which is impressive shooting holes, however, or squatting land is negligible and the transition to a plane is short and smoothly. The transformation of the radius is surprisingly tight, and the responsibility of driving the satisfaction. The LXF averaged 7.5 seconds in sprints from zero to 30 mph, and showed excellent acceleration from the midrange to the high-aperture accelerator, reaching maximum speeds in the top 60.

This Scout is not a luxury cruiser disguised as a fishing boat. The performance proved each bit as good as its looks, and the fishing features were clearly designed with the entrance of the experienced fishermen. Taking into account the innovations and many options in the options, anyone seeks 35 high level step should seriously consider the 355 LXF.

Length: 34’11” | Beam: 10’9″ | Draft: 22″ | Fuel: 310 gal. | Deadrise: 22 degrees | Water: 23 gal. | Max hp: 1,050 | Weight: 9,800 lb. plus power | Price: $394,882 w/ triple Yamaha F300s

Price: $394,882 (base MSRP)

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