Scout 355 LXF Review

Scout 355 LXF Review

Scout 355 LXF Review In ships innovation, Scout has consistently made his way to the front of the herd. And 355 LXF, last their luxury fishing, exhibits a series of innovative features, together with a lot of creature creations comforts and fishing should have become a synonym for brand.

For starters, the new 35-FT has a built-in, forward-facing Fisheye camera that allows the pattern to check the anchor and windlass of the thru-hull and see what is going on directly in front of the boat from the rudder. In addition, a specially designed cover allows a Seakeeper 3DC Gyrostabilizer under a bench-style stern-facing seat for reliable stability and comfort in any condition. The Seakeeper option includes solar panels that supply a 5 amp drip load to the three required AGM batteries, eliminating the need to engage the shore power before launching off.

When it comes to appearance, the Scout is not left behind. Sports a clean, elegant look, with a classical pure line complemented by a recessed powder-coated grab rail and 360-degree arm reinforcements matched by elegant upholstery throughout. The bow seat consists of raised compartments with cushions on the lids — a large one with dry storage underneath and a small one with a 10-gallon refrigerator inside — both port and starboard. Arch seats fold as saloons, and among them a pedestal table starting flush with cover boards with the touch of a button to reveal additional in-deck storage.

A step backwards, the bow console accommodates a double lounge with flip-up armrests and an insulating compartment for storing essential objects or serving as a cooler. The Double lounge is air-conditioned, as are the three-helmet seats that, with flip-down armrests and armrests, allow the skipper and two crew members to sit or stop during navigation. The seat-rudder module contains junk boxes and a garbage compartment. Just behind, a bench-style seat faces the cockpit and hides a large refrigerator under or optional Seakeeper.

Standard Hardtop with powder-coated frame is seamlessly combined with console and temper-glass enclosure to form an integrated unit which, aided by optional electric fiberglass cockpit sunshade, provides protection Exceptional against the elements. Together with the depot, lighting, and elevated all options for electronics, Hardtop possesses several suffers for the twin skylights, and six basic bar pipes in which can be upgraded to the patented rocket launcher, acting Scout, leaning down to facilitate access.

A dash of glass panel accepts 3 12 inch multi-function displays or a pair of 17 inches, leaving room for digital calipers, a fusion stereo, switches, external controls, optional rudder master or navigation. Of the joystick, and more surrounding the steering wheel of Edson on the centerline. Meanwhile, a large glove box to the port keeps personal items and allows charging of mobile devices via dual USB ports.

A starboard console hatch opens into a shallow cabinet with hooks for the dock lines and a shelf for boat hooks, gaffs and brushes. A port door allows entry into the stepped cabin, with dark wood floors and accents, and quotes beyond the basics to spend the night in comfort: A 19-inch TV, stainless fridge, marine head, porcelain sink with vanity and mirror , double bunk, removable teak table, Corian countertop, storage cabinets, overhead lights and more. Windows and leave the starboard natural light and ventilation, but scouts list of air conditioning among the possibilities.

In the cockpit, a collapsible side door to the port makes the loading of a cinch, a removable, retractable ladder allows effortless entry of swimmers, and a section of the siding board is flipped to hold four bottles, converting the area In a wet bar. A foldable bench, 55-gallon LiveWell, storage hatch, and a door to throw in the big game or access one of the two swimming platforms around the skylight.

Scout 355 LXF Review

Other key features include a pair of 47 gallon floor compartments, insulated to serve as fish boxes, and washdowns of fresh and raw water. In addition to the rod tubes on the hard-roof, the rod storage includes 10 strategically positioned recessed holders and two-rod racks under each cladding board. During our test ride, 355 LXF showed as well as the soft-and – quickly, and-epoxy purposely infused, dual-helmet exhibited outstanding performance.

The Scout Report ships are available with the authorities. Our test of the ship is the trio components 350 Verad which is impressive shooting holes, however, or squatting land is negligible and the transition to a plane is short and smoothly. The transformation of the radius is surprisingly tight, and the responsibility of driving the satisfaction. In an average LXF 7.5 seconds in sprints from zero to 30 Mph, and showed excellent acceleration of midrange for aperture accelerator, the maximum speed in the top 60.

This US scout is not a luxury cruiser disguised as in the fishing. The performance of the every bit as good as his appearance, and features were clearly FOR THE ENTRANCE OF THE experienced fishermen. Taking into account the innovations and many options in the options, anyone seeks 35 high level step should seriously consider the 355 LXF.

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