Wellcraft 262 Fisherman Price

Wellcraft 262 Fisherman Price

Wellcraft 262 Fisherman Price The New 262 Fisherman center console model from Wellcraft has a significant amount of attack stowage, including a series of six rod holders above the mirror, two holders behind the helmet seat and five vertical holders on the back of the optional Hardtop.

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Horizontal racks for rods, gaffs were made, boat hooks and deck brushes are located under each railing. The bow deck offers lockable bar stowage and cave-like dry hatches. Anonyms for the treatment boxes are embedded on both sides and additional locks on each side of the optional Livewell 25 gallon (behind the luxurious helmet seats) featuring a window for the appearance of the bait. A 17-gallon Livewell is located in the starboard quarter, and another 23-gallon is in the waterfront. An orca 40-quart cooler glides back and forth on tracks on the front deck to serve as a seat in front of the console (if pushed backwards) or as a step up into the bow (if pushed forward).

Our boot featured the family pack which includes arch seats, side table and removable forward-facing backrests. A foldable mirror bench seat provides additional seating, but it quickly folds away. The front door, which opens upwards, provides access to the inside of the center console. A permanent marine head with electric rinsing and holding tank is optional.

Two helmet chairs are equipped with flip-up pads and folding armrests. The two foot steps stand at the bottom of the console let your feet break. A multifunctional Garmin GPSmap 7610XSV display brightly illuminates the helmet panel. An optional opening opening port on the side of the port helps you to cut large fish or simply board. Our 262 came with the offshore WebScarab package, which includes the MarineMat floor at the top, the Rod Locker ahead and at strategic points along the pistols to protect the fishing reels. You also get a three-ton gelcoat scheme and special graphics. Powered by twin Mercury 275 Verado out, 262 Fischer reaches a maximum speed of 57.4 mph. The high-speed frame proved to be predictable, v-deep-v shaken smooth, and nearly-trim maneuvering was excellent thanks to power mercury power and digital noise and displacement.

Wellcraft 262 Fisherman Performance

After a three-hour break we decided to sum up the performance data. The transformation of a 106-gallon fuel and a 21-inch Mercury Mirage plus propeller reached 262 30 miles per hour in 7.5 seconds. The high speed was 57.4 mph at 6,000 rpm. The twin 250-hp Verados, with 52 gallons of gas per hour, is close to 1.1 mpg. The best fuel efficiency was achieved at 33.8 mph (3,500 rpm), where dual outboard engines burned 18 gallons per hour to 1.9 mpg. During this fish study, I was seasick, so I could not fully observe the hard water ability of 262. Folding itself back in half gave me an idea of how well the deep waves were closing; 262 descended properly and dried each time.

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Wellcraft 262 Fisherman Price

During my turn at the wheel, I found that the hull handled wonderfully. It tracks straight and true with hardly any correction needed to stay on track. The high-speed frame proved to be predictable and comfortable, and close to the trim of the quarter was excellent thanks to the direction of mercury power and digital noise and displacement. The 262 proves to be a capable fishing machine that offers great performance and style. This Wellcraft also offers plenty of space and comfortable seating-important considerations when taking out a boatload of people, whether on a serious offshore fishing trip or a leisurely cruise.

High Points

  • Plenty of places to stow rods, tackle and gear.
  • 65 gallons of livewell capacity ensures that you have plenty of bait.
  • Lounge seats and dining table in the bow let you take fun cruises.
  • Front-opening center console is easy to access.

How We Tested

  • Engine: Twin 250 hp Mercury 250 Verados
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/14¾” x 21″ Mercury Mirage Plus 3-blade stainless steel
  • Gear Ratio: 1.75:1
  • Fuel Load: 106 gal.
  • Crew Weight: 400 lb.


  • $164,409 (as tested)