Scout 215 XSF Performance

Scout 215 XSF Performance

Scout 215 XSF Performance¬†One thing about a yacht: It’s not hard to make a fancy look. Not so with a piece of fiberglass less than 22 feet in length. But when I came aboard the 215XSF Scout for the first time last October, I saw comforts and comforts that were delying the compact design. Sales and marketing director Alan Lang and Captain James Lavavey met me on a coastal ramp to launch north of the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina. It had only been two weeks since Hurricane Matthew hit the low Country, and Lavanway had just started modeling the bait and the Redfish Bull.

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But even if we couldn’t find the fish, we still face a good day in the water on a well-equipped pleasure boat with a front sun lounge/Coffin box and a stereo Bluetooth fusion: A welcome shelter after a storm Destructive. Lavanway nudged the 215 to the speed, and we headed southeast to the mouth of Charleston Harbor. At a comfortable 3,900 rpm, we sailed at almost 30 mph and reached 3.8 MPG. Lang let me know, before starting to score down operating numbers, which had had to temporarily install a larger-than-desired propeller on the Yamaha F200 (due to a national shortage in the right prop).

Scout 215 XSF Specifications

That became immediately obvious once I converted our acceleration to 30 mph (12.6 seconds) and after we topped out at just 5,400 rpm and 46.1 mph. The same vessel, powered by a smaller F150, reached 30 mph in 6.9 seconds, and at 6,000 RPM, hit 45 mph-according to the Yamaha test. I would certainly expect even agile performance and a maximum speed of 48 to 50 mph with the right Prop and the largest F200 outboard engine. Once we got to the port piers, Lavanway Idle, and we prepared to anchor on the south side of the canal. I’ve noticed that the anchor anchor comes with a built-in hanger for a Danforth style hook and swiveling starboard blocks that secure the stock.

Without an onboard sonar unit (the face of the black-acrylic console can accommodate a 12-inch flush mount screen), he felt more cautious about snuggling up next to the rocks, particularly in a fall of the tide. But the birds collided the nearby surface and the Pelicans circled, studying the bait schools, so the place looked suspicious.

Lavanway has already put 21-gallon LiveWell into the Stern Harbor in the Menhaden Corner. He lowered the anchor and put it alive and reduced the deaths below 8 pounds of weight. He clearly expected some heavy tidal flow.

Scout 215 XSF Interior

Inside, the XSF has a cabin more than large enough for fishermen and day cruisers alike; In nearly 22 square feet and 22 inches deep, it is a safe haven for children as well. An airy 21-gallon Baitwell is ready for a full day of fishing, and a 13-gallon freshwater tank is standard as well. The storage tape is below the weapon, with space for four sticks. The raw water system is also a standard element on this fishing machine.

Inside-wise, the Scout is anything but spartan. The stainless steel Split bow rails provide a safety margin, along with the stainless steel gripper rail on the center console. A console-absorber system is standard, as is the arc bolsters and an arc-absorber system. A 72-quart, back-up powder-coated aluminum sloping post and Igloo cooler offers rudder seats. Three USB connectors and a 12-volt connector provide connectivity and capacity for mobile phones. Bluetooth sound fusion system is standard as well as BayStar hydraulic control. On the aft, port and starboard platforms, with a stainless steel boarding ladder, access to water sports is easy.

Scout 215 XSF Engine

With a combined 400 lb captain and crew load, more about 60 gallons of gasoline, Yamaha’s constant F150 pushed us to a top speed of 43 mph at 5,500 rpm, twisting a 3-pul confidence three-blade stainless steel prop Gada-by-17-inch of Yamaha. That’s a little less than the 45-Plus mph Scout results released, but our conditions were as much as we fought storms, strong winds and Big Chop. The rough seas proved beneficial, however, as it gave us a good feedback on the 215 ride. When we pushed him hard through the vigils, swells and hard turns, the boat handled with confidence and without a complaint. It takes a lot to devein this 21 feet; At mid-range speeds, we were able to walk around the deck in confidence as the 20 degree V-Hull Deadrise provided great stability and still delivered a smooth, dry ride without shaking the fillings of our teeth. Many ships of this size relegate crew to their seats when they are in motion.

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Scout 215 XSF Performance

Like all exploration boats, the 215 xsf is 100 percent fiberglass hand-made and features a self-bailing booth, so you can leave it on the dock in bad weather, without relying solely on the bilge pumps and batteries , and know that it will remain floating to come tomorrow. Every detail on the device is well-constructed, directly to the welded shoulder of stainless steel, sleeve and console seats, and the immaculate device under the console and under the tough Splashwell. Plush arm pads surround the cockpit to the right height to keep the hip bruises on the bay by hitting around in the rough. The fresh transom door makes boating your catch or boarding equally easy. The 215 xsf is packed with these trick features. We suggest you go see one closely in person to take them all.

Scout 215 xsf Performance specifications

  • Power: Yamaha F200
  • Charge: Three adults, 45 Gal. Fuel, full LiveWell
  • Max speed: 46.1 mph @ 5,400 RPM
  • Time to 30 mph: 12.6 sec.
  • Best mpg: 3.8 mpg @ 29.5 mph (3,900 rpm)

215 XSF Explorer Hull specifications

  • Loa: 21 ft 6 in.
  • Beam: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • DEADRISE: 20 degrees.
  • Dry weight: 2,776 lb. (without engine)
  • Draft: 1 ft. 3.75 in.
  • Fuel: 82 gal.
  • Max Power: 250 hp

Recommended by: $65,464 (w/Yamaha F200)