Scout 215 XSF Specs

Scout 215 XSF Specs

Scout 215 XSF Specs One in the yacht: It’s not difficult to make it look luxurious. This does not apply to glass fibre pieces less than 22 feet in length. But when I first boarded the Scout 215XSF in October, I saw the comfort and convenience that formed the basis of the compact design. Scout’s Sales and Marketing Director Alan Lang and Captain James Lavanway ( took me to the coastal ramp north of historic Charleston, South Carolina. Only two weeks have passed since Hurricane Matthew hit a low country and Lavanway has just started sampling bait and red fish bull.

But even if we couldn’t find the fish, we still faced a nice day on the water in a well-equipped pleasure craft with a forward sun lounge/coffin box and a fusion Bluetooth stereo: A welcome haven after a destructive Storm.

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During the Scout Boats dealer meeting, Congress introduced the models for selected members of the sailors and sail presses, we tested these new models 215 xsf. I was accompanied by a mid-Atlantic scout rep who told me he had just signed a new scout dealer near where I live. Not long after that I am looking to see new scouts on my local waters. Our test suggested a number of reasons why these boats should be popular in my Virginia’s coastal waters, as well as elsewhere. Scouting boats and the new 215 xsf made an impression on me.

With a 400 lb connected captain and crew, plus about 60 gallons of gasoline, the unshakeable F150 Yamaha pushed us to 43 mph with 5,500 rpm, turning 14 ¼ inch into 117 inch Yamaha Reliance three-page stainless steel Prop. This is a bit less than the 45-plus mph results released scout, but our conditions were soups as we fought rain, high winds and big chop. The rough seas proved to be beneficial, however, as they gave us good feedback about the 215 ‘s ride. If we have it hard to wake up, swells and hard turns, the boat treats confidently and without a complaint. It takes a lot to get this 21-footer unnerved; At midrange speeds, we were able to go over the deck in confidence, as the 20-degree deadrise V-Hull offered great stability and still delivered a smooth, dry ride without shaking the fillings from our teeth. A lot of boats of this size relegated crew to their places in progress.

Like all scout boats, 215 xsf is 100% hand-laid glass fibre and has a self-fibering cockpit so you can leave it in port in bad weather without relying solely on bilge pumps and batteries. Every detail of the rigging is well made up to the welded arched stainless steel rail, the handmade cushions of the bucket and console and the flawless rigging under the console and under the stern splashwell. Plush Coaming pads orbit the cockpit at just the right height to keep the hip bruises at bay when hammering in the rough. The cool latch door makes boating your catch or stepping on board equally easy. The 215 xsf is crammed with these trick features. We recommend you go see one up close in person to take them all in.

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Scout 215 XSF Specs

Scout 215 XSF Performance Specifications

  • POWER: Yamaha F200
  • LOAD: Three adults, 45 gal. fuel, full livewell
  • TOP SPEED: 46.1 mph @ 5,400 rpm*
  • TIME TO 30 MPH: 12.6 sec.*
  • BEST MPG: 3.8 mpg @ 29.5 mph (3,900 rpm)

Scout 215 XSF Hull Specifications

  • LOA: 21 ft. 6 in.
  • BEAM: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • DEADRISE: 20 deg.
  • DRY WEIGHT: 2,776 lb. (w/o engine)
  • DRAFT: 1 ft. 3.75 in.
  • FUEL: 82 gal.
  • MAX POWER: 250 hp

MSRP: $65,464 (w/ Yamaha F200)

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