Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Performance

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Performance

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Performance The M-16 automatic rifle is a weapon of war, much like the new Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid. The only difference is that the Pathfinder is waging war on fish. This is a serious fishing machine.

It is labeled hybrid because it is equally at home in the Bay, in El Paso or offshore and, as a crossover platform, it does all of them well. The first pioneer that is fully infused with foam coring, has a double-stepped hull for speed; Hammered, we hit almost 60 mph.

Beautifully constructed and designed by fishermen, the large front-cast iron cover conceals three large cabinets with gaskets for waterproofing, plus an Anchorage cabinet. The full-width step makes the easy bow access also hides a 47-gallon fish box that is large enough for ice by a Wahoo trophy or a smoking kingfish.

The room has been left behind the rudder (either seat or inclined post) so that the fishermen weigh safely on the high seas without losing space on the casting platform. The back cover conceals a 36-gallon cruiser, plus a pair of flip-down seats that add a family-friendly side to the 2500 hybrid and also hide the stowage large enough for 5-gallon buckets. Cane storage? We lost the count in 20 rods, upright, under the deck and in the arms racks.

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The power for our test boat (and the majority of the 2500s) was a Yamaha F300XCA that gives this Pathfinder square performance numbers. At 3,000 RPM, you go about 30 mph; To 4,000, approximately 40; 5,000 is 50ish, and the flat out at 5,800 is 58 mph. Square.

Pathfinder is impressive in the details, from the standard 6-inch Atlas Jack board to the dashboard ready to accept a 12-inch monitor plus the motor monitor. Inside the console, a lucite panel covers the batteries for non-zapping visibility when the gear is thrown inside. Trolling engine wiring is standard, as is a salt water wash. Our boat had the optional tower with beautiful fiberglass hardtop which incorporated ventilated life-jacket cabinets.

Do you want to take the war to the fish? The Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid must be your favorite weapon. Pathfinder has tagged its new 25-footer as the hybrid 2500, with “hybrid ” which means that this fabulous new boat is equally at home if you are chasing Redfish or trout in the bay, Stripers or Tarpon in El Paso, or false albacore or cobia in waters Coastal Coast. And as a well-designed, robust cross-fishing platform performs all these tasks of entanglement well. What revealed our test?

This is the first boat of the Pathfinder with Hull and covers impregnated with resin, which makes it rigid and strong and in possession of the relation resin-glass ideal. The 2500 hybrid features a double-pass helmet that allows you to offer a heartbeat speed of nearly 60 mph. However, unlike many staggered hulls, it showed no management of weaknesses.

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More than one fisherman can use the front caster cover at a time while you’re at the helm, placing the pot next to the weed line, ripping or dropping. This front area has three large cupboards, with gas to keep the water from washing and spraying, as well as Anchorage stowage. The trolling engine wiring is standard, as is the 6-inch aft Atlas Jack plate between the Yamaha F300XCA outboard motor and the crossbar. A full-width step allows easy access to the foundry deck while hiding a 47-gallon fish box large enough for trophy catches.

The console is built to leave space behind the rudder for fishermen on the high seas to safely fish, however, the considerable aft casting platform remains. Folding seats add comfort to families while hiding the stowage large enough for five-gallon buckets. You can carry a complete quiver of more than 20 rods in racks and lockable cover bays.

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Performance

With the Yamaha F300, this Pathfinder has a square performance: 3,000 RPM gets 30 mph, 4,000 gets 40 mph-ISH, 5,000 is about 50 mph, and you are directed through 5.800:58 mph.

Everything is beautifully detailed, from carefully illuminated wiring and labeled on the console to the Lucite battery cover to the lights in each compartment for night fishing.

LOA: 24’9″ | Beam: 8’6″ | Dry Weight: 3,500 (with Yamaha F300) | Seating/Weight Capacity: 9/1,700 lb. | Fuel Capacity: 67 gal.

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