Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Review

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Review

Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Review Many things have changed since the first boat the bay came on the stage. The demand for a valet-of-all-trades business has led boat builders to design larger and larger boats, more marine with the largest gunwales, lots of storage, and seats for the whole family.

Pathfinder, a leader in the boat Bay Revolution, has achieved a huge success embracing such a trend; However, its latest model, the hybrid 2500, places more than one bounty on coastal and coastal fishing, encompassing the essential elements that make a bay boat, as well, a bay boat.

With its roominess, the console seat, the leaning post for two, and the folding seats on the two transom corners, this Pathfinder still hosts a crew of four or five, but it is the punctual layout and richness of Fishing devices that propel it to the front of the package.

For starters, the 2500 hybrid incorporates built-in hardware for seamless fishing, and it comes pre-rigged for a 36-volt arc-Mount engine trolling, a must for any true bay boat. Just at the back of the anchor Locker, three large lockable compartments are hiding under the front casting platform, providing large dry storage for the equipment, and twin racks to rock a pair of rods to the port and another pair to Starboard.

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A step between the front deck and the front cockpit houses a 43-gallon fish box long enough for ice down large Kingfish or Cobia, and it can be repulbé with a pump and a shredder. Between the step and the console, a bridge locker with drain keeps your casting net handy yet hidden out of the way.

Four built-in rod holders are standard, and the vertical racks on both sides of the center console hold a combination of eight ready-to-action rods. At the front of the console, a cooler for food and beverages doubles as a seat, and a slotted door provides access to the tinned wire harness inside and a battery compartment with clear Plexiglas cover.

Although its footprint leaves plenty of space to move smoothly, the console has real estate to accommodate a 12-inch multifunction display, Yamaha Command Link gauge, waterproof switching panel with circuit breakers, Trim-Tab switches and VHF Radio on the dashboard, plus the standard 12 volt accessory plug, the USB recharge Jack, the compass on top and the bar footrest down.

A hydraulic jack plate with flashing style switch under the steering wheel, horizontal rod grates for two outfits under each gunwale, raw and fresh water washes in opposite corners of the cockpit, and a boarding ladder are Also the standard question.

Pathfinder offers two bar seat options, both with tackle storage. One includes high-end seats with Flip-up bolsters and an expanded attack center, while the other offers a tilted-pole configuration with a bench-style seat, a removable backrest, a tackle drawer and a large pool with window View.

The test boat had the optional Hardtop with the electronic box, spreader lights, and rear storage bin, but a tower with a second bar station is another alternative.

Other key options include hydraulic or power steering, trim tabs, 8-or 10-foot power pole, bubbling, and recirculating aeration systems, and vertical grids for carrying six rods On the rigid board and another four at the back of the bar seats.

Our test boat warned Skip Lyshon of Pathfinder boats, still needed a small prop tweaking, but despite the propeller of flying the F300 a few laps, the hybrid got on the plane inside 100 feet, a distance we cut almost in two With the trim tabs down and the jack plate up. The desired acceleration and lift were there, so leaving an apartment when the tide gets a little too low will not be a problem.

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Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Review

According to Yamaha’s performance data, the 2500 Tops at over 58 mph (we hit 57 mph without reaching the maximum rpm). and run at 3 500 RPM offers the most range-3.8 MPG-while navigating at a comfortable 35.6 mph. Although the sea conditions during the test did not push the Pathfinder near its limits, it is safe to say that the new Hull is a winner. It turned out to be dry, fast and handy with an impressive turning radius and a firm hold in tight turns. So bring on these meandering bayous and streams.

In the opposite direction, the boat turned out well in both directions. And as expected, it proved to be stable while drifting and staked. Having experienced its performance and carefully inspected the fit and finish of the boat and many features, I highly recommend the fishermen looking for a superlative, non-sense boat from the bay take the hybrid 2500 for a spin.

Length: 24 ‘ 9 “Beam: 8 ‘ 6 ” Draft: 14 “Fuel: 67 gal. Water: 6 gals. Weight: Not yet available Max HP: 300 Price: $82 576 w/Yamaha F300 Pathfinder

Test Conditions:
Weather: Partly sunny place: Fort Pierce, Florida Wind: Southeast 8 Knots Sea State: Light CHOP Test Load: Three people, 40 gallons of fuel, 6 gallons of water

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