Sea Chaser 26 LX Specs

Sea Chaser 26 LX Specs

Sea Chaser 26 LX Specs Carolina Kahn’s Sea Chaser 26 LX is the latest addition to the LX series and the largest ever. Combining a long list of features and fish related comfort, the versatility of this 26 ft model makes it easy to attract friends and family to the waterfront for one day.

Tuned with a Mercury Verado 350, the 26-footer also has the speed and range to fish turaments or cash in a hot bite, be it near or far. Spacious, high decks provide plenty of space to fish at the front and rear. On the front deck, a small hatch only inside the anchor loosely hides a few equipment trays to keep essential items, and double hatchways to the port and right side open to store containers with shelves inside to rock a pair of racks in each. Between them there is another compartment, and the bottom is sunk to accommodate a handy 5-gallon bucket at all times. The fifth hatch is covered by a 25-gallon live manhole, which keeps the lure within easy reach of the angler who is fishing forward.

A second Livewell sits under the upholstery of the front console seat. A starboard door on the console allows you to enter a step-down head inside. A quick-release disc deflects wind from the rudder and holds rain and spray from the dashboard, which is wide enough to accommodate a couple of multifunction displays plus a digital meter, panel with 12-volt power Plug and much more. Just below, the throttle flap and the stainless tilt steering wheel with power grip leave enough room for trim tab switches and a stereo system.

The marine laser consists of a curved bench-style seat post with a backrest, foldable footrest, a four-way rocket launcher, two drinks holders, a large radiator and a mesh. On our chessboard, the matching fiberglass T-top with powder-coated frames – one of the available enhancements – the welcome shade, including an electronic box, LED lighting and a second rocket launcher for up to four additional rigging. Horizontal racks in the cover plates protrude six more outfits, and four flush-mounted bar handles on each handrail provide up to 24 bar memory.

Ankle seats – double and single-pole stern seats. The first complete jacks in the middle provide easy access to the tongue. Upholstery for other elevators to expose a small bearing hatch. The back of the two seats is flat for the purpose of extending the rear casting deck. Meanwhile, the third well of Livewell is located in the port. It is equipped with a max Air aerator and has a clear flap that allows you to observe your catch during the release tournament. Incidentally, all live wells are equipped with LED lighting for night evenings.

The cave dividers behind the rear seats fit the batteries and accessories. The 24/36 V trolling motor panel with bow power plug, recessed grippers at the front and rear, coamers, a bathing platform with telescopic ladder astras, underwater lighting and polite lighting complete the standard functionality.

The following options are available: electric decorative flaps; shower with fresh water; fold-out console with removable curtains and porcelain pots; electric head with 9-gallon sanitary tank; stereo with Bluetooth, USB and ipod ports and auxiliary plug; two types of worktop; Canvas Bimini top; removable swivel seats and multistick handles.

After a thorough check at the docking station, it’s time to turn off your Verado and start 26 LX. The plane took off with a minimum of squats in eight seconds and on top of Smidge was below 58 mph, it was stable and flexible all the time. The new centre console, supported by mercury power steering and 350 horsepower, has proven to be sensitive and manoeuvrable at a wide range of speeds, as well as being tracked around corners.

Sea Chaser 26 LX Specs

Throttling at speeds up to 3500 rpm, the marine laser was crossing at a comfortable speed of 30 mph, while firing only 8 GPH and achieving a 3.8 mpg series. At this high spraying speed, the spray was negligible and until we climbed back at 4500 rpm, it moved back over the console, where it would have no effect on the crew, even in the stiff CrossWind side wind. In almost catamorphic conditions during the rehearsal, we woke up many times, driving on boats, to simulate a slight chopping. No wonder (the motto of the builder is “Let the ride Decide”), the boat always felt solid and safe.

  • Engine: Suzuki DF250
  • Prop: 16 “x 18 ½ ” 3-sheet stainless steel
  • Gear ratio: 2.30:1
  • Fuel load: 35 gal.
  • Crew weight: 400 lb.
  • Price $37,695 (without power)
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